We provide the following services: Break/Fix Engineering
It's 6pm and the server just crashed. Who ya gonna call? Ok, so it won't be Ghostbusters but call us and we can get your site up and running again or die trying.

Business Analysis
System automation? Process improvement? We're more than buzzwords - we work with you to automate your current workflow to improve productivity. Greater productivity = more profit!

Business Intelligence
How are sales going? Know which lines are profitable and which need to be cut? We can help you get a handle on your business and improve the bottom line.

SQL. That's what we do. Whether it's a customer database or a sales solution that you can slice and dice, we've got it covered.

We listen to your requirements and translate them into a solution that will make you the envy of your competitors.

How did we ever get by without it? And now that we've got it, it should be available 24/7. It's like a phone - you wouldn't put up with no dialtone, so why would you put up with your email not working?

Compaq, HP, IBM. It's what our servers run on. We use the best because downtime is money.

MS Office Automation
So you paid a fortune for it, but use it like a glorified typewriter. Pass me the twink - oops, it's time to drop those 20th century ideas and let the computer do the grunt work for you. That's what the information age is truly all about.

Project Management
Our PM's get stuff done - and that's how it should be. Let us take care of the worries on your next project and you can take care of your business.

System Support
So the boss' girlfriend's son is a bit of computer whizz and he set up the finance package? Now you need someone to install it properly so it doesn't crash every time you try to save that half a day's work you just completed. We provide permanent solutions because the last thing you want is recurring nightmares.

Web & E-Commerce
It's been around for almost a generation now, but people are still struggling to get it to work properly for them. We can make sense of all the buzzwords, build you a fabulous site and use search engine optimisation to get the customers flocking in the door.
We host sites - for a small monthly charge we can get you online. And we can even build you a full blown e-commerce site if that's what you need.